Thursday, May 9, 2013

Welcoming Baby Essie

Essie Caroline came into this world Tuesday, April 23rd at 2:29pm with much anticipation and awaited love. As much as you try and prepare for the experience it is one that takes its own, happens not when or how you choose.  A few weeks ago I shared the birth story of my first baby, Crew, and as I expected, Miss Essie had her own plan.  Through out the pregnancy I never imagined I would make it to my due date, go past my due date and even be induced.  Crew came early, on his own and so smoothly.  After a few days of back and forth driving to Asheville, cancelled and rescheduled inductions, I was admitted to the labor and delivery unit that Monday evening.  I was given Cervidil and Pitocin was started the following morning.  By 11am I had progressed to 6cm and at 12 noon I got my epidural.  12:30pm my OB broke my water and soon after labor really kicked in.  Essie was FINALLY ready to make her appearance ..toward the end of my pregnancy I began to think she would never decide to make a show:)  With just a few pushes, Essie was born and placed on my chest...THE MOST WONDERFUL feeling in the world.  Going into this, I was kinda bummed about the situation, sad I didn't go into labor on my own, sad that it didn't happen as I originally thought.  But afterwards, it couldn't been more special, more perfect.  This labor, at least the last part, was pain free.  I was able to take in every second of every moment.  With Crew, its much a blur due to the pain.  Not only did Essie literally fly out but she also came out head and arm...another reason why I happy I went the pain free route.  Regardless how babies come, the only thing that matters is holding them in your arms afterwards.

Jarret was once again my support, holding my hand through everything.  I will never forget the look on his face when he saw Essie for the first time, the same face he made when he first looked at's indescribable,  full of love and sweetness.  My momma was on my other side...and there's nothing better, more comforting than having her with me in the delivery room.  This time, unlike last, she was able to video the birth.  I think I screamed afterwards when she told me she got the whole thing on camera!  I never thought I would be the type to want to watch my own L and D but after having Crew and not being able to actually see it, I was hoping this time I would get the chance.  I was so proud of my mom, for holding it together (something I probably wouldn't) and holding that camera still.  Watching your little girl give birth has got to be one of the most emotional experiences one could go through.  And one day I will be able to show my little girl how she came into this world.  

Almost two weeks into baby is more hectic than ever and also filled with more love than ever.  I'm completely in love with my little family of four.  It's hard to fathom how blessed we are...I will forever be thankful.

My first look at her!

Crew meets his sissy!