Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fashion Ekk!

Ekkkkkk here comes Spring Fashion Week!! One of my favorite times of the year…and I CAN NOT wait to see all the new trends, read the new buzz and screen shot all of the outfits I want to try and dup. To top it all off this year, JCrew’s former head women’s wear designer is debuting her new line; the anticipation is going to kill me. (I’ve found the best info about this year’s goodies, like always, on Harper’s Bazaar website and photos have already started showing up on Pinterest). This year, like last, I have to frown a bit because I can’t shop for “regular” clothes yet being that I’ll still be in the maternity department BUT I can still drool over the goods. We all also know that the new trends won’t reach our stores for at least a year, if we are lucky. H&M will come close..but I’ve found one to beat it. ASOS, a UK department like store, always carries the latest and greatest when it comes to current trends…and I’m not talking about North Carolina clothing/accessory trends. It’s so funny to me that trends are so regionally specific. “What’s in” in Asheville is not the case in Charlotte nor “what’s in” now in stores is “in” in the fashion current cities across the ocean. That being said…I’m gearing up to celebrate one of my favorite weeks of the year! Toasting to new looks and new do’s….and patiently awaiting the time when I can shop in the women’s department again. In the meantime I will start a collection in my basket at ASOS.

Here are some sneak peakers…I love the street fashion shots!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Drive dancing counts as prenatal exercise

For the entertainment value of my son and also for my enjoyment, I have to admit I still jam out to my favorite songs while driving down the road. It brings back so many memories of college, friends, and moments in my life (funny how songs/certain music can do that). I almost can always think back to where I was when the song was popular and experiences I shared during that time period. I will also admit that it’s still one of my favorite things to do.  But yesterday, something happened. While Crew and I were jamming out to a Justin Bieber song (yes…I like him…the word love might apply), I realized I was out of breath. 1. Pathetic 2. That’s pregnancy for ya and 3. Really…who gets out of breath dancing/singing while only using arm and torso movements?!?! Instead of feeling bad about myself, I’ve decided that drive dancing is a form of exercise…for me, prenatal exercise. And since I haven’t walked/ran, done ANYTHING related to aerobic activity during this pregnancy; I began to smile. I’m getting a work out…it’s fun, my child laughs at me and the little one is my belly will appreciate the musical ride! Yesterdays play list is as follows:

Mariah Carey’s You’ll Always Be My Baby

Little Big Town’s Tornado

The Band Perry’s Better Dig Two

Blues Traveler’s Run Around

Cee Lo Green’s Forget You (yes, it’s the edited one)

Reba McEntire’s Why Haven’t I Heard From You

Justin Bieber’s Baby

Sunday, February 10, 2013

big boy changes!

After the horrific, first time baby fall scare of this week*, post traumatic stress disorder (hah) and frustration of trying to feed a toddler a semi-liquid diet, I figured I would share some positives.  

*My wild, climbing, dare devil, almost 14 month old, fell (while justing walking...ironically) and hit his mouth on the corner of our coffee table.  Gushing blood and momma's panic, we rushed to the emergency room.  As I look back on my reaction, I have to laugh.  I totally freaked, drove with him on my lap while flashing my hazards.  What was I thinking?  He wasn't dying, he just knocked his tooth out.  It was probably worse that I drove, speeding, with a baby on my lap.  That aside, we made it to the ER, and were quickly seen by the doctor.  I'm almost thankful for all the blood because I do think that was the reason we were seen so quickly.  The doctor numbed his mouth, set his tooth back and we were discharged.  All that panic and it was over.  Now, he's on antibiotics to help avoid infection and he will almost surely loose that tooth, but my child is ok.  No permanent's just a tooth (that's what I keep telling myself, I know it could of been way worse).  That's it.  That night Crew sleep all night, woke up the next morning as if nothing happened and hasn't ever since.  Babies/kids are sure resilient.  Much more than their mommies.   

Back stepping a few days, Crew, at daycare, was officially moved to the toddler room. If you have kids and they are in daycare you already know what this involves but if not, the toddler room brings new tasks and new routines.  When daycare told me Crew would be eating breakfast and lunch at a table and napping in a cot on the floor I thought they had lost their mind.  There's no way he would corporate.  I can't get him to sit still for more and five min., nor does he sleep, stay sleeping, in  a spot not confined with bumpers or bars. 

Well he did and all week long.  I was thrilled and so impressed he made the transition was easily. And even with the major fall occurring mid week.  Ok so here's when the bragging comes if I wasn't bragging that he transitioned so well.  My toddler is now sleeping at night in his toddler bed.  Wahoooo!  For something I anticipated with much grief, it was nothing.  And even better, he's in "big boy" bed/room, before she baby has arrived.  

So here's to decorating a baby girl nursery.  God is so good.