Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My worries have changed.

Last night while I was laying in the bed, going over every important detail that HAS to been attended too – to make the following day go off without a hitch, the thought “look at me now” came over me.  How my world has changed over the past several years, and I laughed at how my “worries” have now changed. 

I used to lay in the bed worrying about work…did I remember to check on an order, reschedule an ad, or remind myself to not forget something (haha I used to text/call my voicemail as a reminder).  I would worry as to when the new JCrew magazine would arrive in the mail in hopes of new outfit ideas.  I’d worry about upcoming social events, should I go – should I not go, when the next football game is, when can I go shopping…

My worry list last night consisted of the following:
Did I remember to re-pack Crew’s book bag with extra socks?
Did Crew eat enough protein today?
How can I manage to get a trip to Asheville in on Friday…should I go before or after nap time?
School shootings
Teenagers that can drive

Really Callie.

How am I going to ever make it!?!?!  One day at a time.  (repeat to myself over and over).