Friday, December 21, 2012

Her Momma Didn’t Tell Her

I have used this line for many years now, many times, being mean, but recently the phase has evolved much like my life has.  Growing up my momma was quick to tell me how she felt about everything…how I dressed, the language I used, how I treated others, etc.  There were many times my momma would send me back upstairs after getting ready for school in the morning.  Her line was always, “I wouldn’t wear that to a dog fight” (which I still giggle over this one).  Regardless of how much I liked the outfit I dressed myself in, I always changed it.  Maybe it was because I knew she was right or maybe because I didn’t want to hear about it anymore.  And as I grew older, graduated High School and went off to college, I realized my momma was SOOOOO right.  After sharing my momma’s words of wisdom with my girlfriends, the phrase became somewhat popular.  We were always saying “her momma didn’t tell her” when we spotted a girl dressed horribly or dressed completely wrong for her body type (this was my mom’s biggest peeve, now mine, when someone isn’t aware enough of their body and doesn’t know which area to accentuate or play down).  Or when girls were acting a fool, running around with multiple guys, staying with “Cheater Charlie’s”, the list goes on. 

Although I continue to use this phase for situations like this, it now has new meanings.  Now I look back and can think of the many things my Momma told me, life lessons, how much she loved me everyday, how beautiful I was, how great I was, etc.  She has made me the woman and mother I am today.  I have self worth, self confidence because she uplifted me EVERYDAY.  This was brought to light a few weeks ago when I was having a conversation with one of my friends.  We were discussing breastfeeding and all the ups and downs.  One of her main complaints was that it was so hard going places and breastfeeding.  I was extremely confused because that was one of the benefits I thought.  I could go anywhere, pack only a diaper bag, and be able to feed Crew.  No packing bottles, formula, hot water, etc.  But for her this was a real hassle…she complained of having to pump before leaving the house and then if she ran out of pumped milk she would have to go back home.  I’m thinking you crazy girl…just latch that baby on and carry on!!  Her response to that, what made my heart sink, was “Oh I can’t nurse in public,  I don’t feel comfortable enough”.  It made me want to cry…it made me so sad to think that she probably wouldn’t breastfeed long because of this.  Right then I knew…she didn’t have the confidence she needed.  But why did I?  Why did I think it wasn’t a huge deal to nurse anywhere and everywhere??  It’s because of my momma and what she instilled in me. 

For everything my momma taught me and continues to teach me; I am forever grateful.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Celebrating Naughty

She is oh so beautiful, smart, classy, cleaver, funny…just the most wonderful person.  She’s thoughtful, ambitious, every word to describe pure FABULOUS.  She’s my forever best friend, sister I didn’t have, and the person I love to spend time with the most.  My love has grown for her over many years and I’m so thankful to have her in my life.  She’s been there for me through EVERYTHING, been a shoulder to cry on and been the good kick in the butt when I needed it.  Our friendship means more than everything to me…I love my Rachael Holt.  And today of all days is the best of the best…her birthday!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Naughty:) 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Upcoming...My baby is turning one

Planning a baby’s first birthday…now-a-days…is like planning a mini wedding reception.  I know it’s all in what you make it but unfortunately, I’m Callie and want it to be grand.  I’ve spent countless hours planning, preparing, spent too much money, all for my little Mr. Man to not remember. I am well aware of this but the pictures will last forever (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  A few weeks ago I had one of my photographers take some family photos as well as a cake smash section.  My picky, picky with food textures, child had to have a run through.  My fear was that “day of party”, he would touch his cake (when many onlookers awaiting a funny smash session and sugar high) cringe and cry over the odd texture of his birthday cake.  *he does this all the time when introduced to a new food haha.  The photo shoot went great and at least I will have photos if the real birthday cake smash is a bust!  My sweet mom has made a one of kind table cloth, I’ve painted picture frames, had special photos printed, made pennants, bought birthday outfits (yes that’s plural because I had to have a new one too:)), made cakes, ordered cupcakes and flowers, created centerpieces, etc.  And my “still” to-do list is just as long…I actually have four checklists going as we speak.  

I’m only doing this because I’m insane and Crew deserves the very best I can give him:) All this fuss over his first birthday…and the tears start to fall.  I Can. Not. Get. Over. that my baby is going to be one.  It’s definitely wonderful experiencing all the stages/milestones with newborns, then infants and then toddlers but I’m just not ready for him to not be a baby anymore.  He’s my first and for that reason will always hold a special place in my heart.  He is absolutely perfect.  My husband and I are reminded daily of how lucky we are to have Crew.  So happy early birthday to my sweet baby boy.   Here are a few sneak peeks (lovely Pinterest design ideas) for his first birthday party!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Water Bottle Trick

My close friends will totally know what I am about to explain but others may doubt my words.  I am the queen of stretching…clothes that isJ  Since the holidays are here, candy and sweets are abundant, I could think of no better time to share my clothing stretching secrets.  For as long as I can remember I have HATED anything tight on my waist.  I can remember unbuttoning my pants as a kid after a big meal, not wearing jeans for over a year in middle school because all of them pressed to tight on my belly, and the countless arguments with various cheerleading coaches as I would order XL bloomers or huge sized uniforms and have them altered so the waist band wouldn’t squeeze.  Needless to say, I created a way to add an inch or two.  I began using a water bottle to wet the waist band of my pants, skirts, etc.  Once wet (and it’s obvious…I’m not claiming to be a genius)  the material would stretch/give once pulled.  A huge discovery in my life…haha…my friends can attest to this too.  I could now wear everything comfortably and even fit into items I have previously grown out of.  Well the water bottle trick, as I call it, evolved over the years.  I now use it on sweaters that shrunk in the wash, shirts that are tight in the arm pits, and even pants that are too short.  My husband didn’t believe me and after he accused me of ruining his jeans that were placed in the dryer, he dropped the argument.  Two minutes later and a water bottle, I had his jeans back to fitting over his shoes perfectly!  (The trick to lengthen pants is to generously spray the pant legs from knee down, stand on the bottom hem and pull upwards.  I’ve gotten over an inch extra length before.  You might think I’m crazy…but this works!  *Note, the water bottle trick on waist bands can seriously eliminate the “muffin top” phenomenon.