Friday, December 21, 2012

Her Momma Didn’t Tell Her

I have used this line for many years now, many times, being mean, but recently the phase has evolved much like my life has.  Growing up my momma was quick to tell me how she felt about everything…how I dressed, the language I used, how I treated others, etc.  There were many times my momma would send me back upstairs after getting ready for school in the morning.  Her line was always, “I wouldn’t wear that to a dog fight” (which I still giggle over this one).  Regardless of how much I liked the outfit I dressed myself in, I always changed it.  Maybe it was because I knew she was right or maybe because I didn’t want to hear about it anymore.  And as I grew older, graduated High School and went off to college, I realized my momma was SOOOOO right.  After sharing my momma’s words of wisdom with my girlfriends, the phrase became somewhat popular.  We were always saying “her momma didn’t tell her” when we spotted a girl dressed horribly or dressed completely wrong for her body type (this was my mom’s biggest peeve, now mine, when someone isn’t aware enough of their body and doesn’t know which area to accentuate or play down).  Or when girls were acting a fool, running around with multiple guys, staying with “Cheater Charlie’s”, the list goes on. 

Although I continue to use this phase for situations like this, it now has new meanings.  Now I look back and can think of the many things my Momma told me, life lessons, how much she loved me everyday, how beautiful I was, how great I was, etc.  She has made me the woman and mother I am today.  I have self worth, self confidence because she uplifted me EVERYDAY.  This was brought to light a few weeks ago when I was having a conversation with one of my friends.  We were discussing breastfeeding and all the ups and downs.  One of her main complaints was that it was so hard going places and breastfeeding.  I was extremely confused because that was one of the benefits I thought.  I could go anywhere, pack only a diaper bag, and be able to feed Crew.  No packing bottles, formula, hot water, etc.  But for her this was a real hassle…she complained of having to pump before leaving the house and then if she ran out of pumped milk she would have to go back home.  I’m thinking you crazy girl…just latch that baby on and carry on!!  Her response to that, what made my heart sink, was “Oh I can’t nurse in public,  I don’t feel comfortable enough”.  It made me want to cry…it made me so sad to think that she probably wouldn’t breastfeed long because of this.  Right then I knew…she didn’t have the confidence she needed.  But why did I?  Why did I think it wasn’t a huge deal to nurse anywhere and everywhere??  It’s because of my momma and what she instilled in me. 

For everything my momma taught me and continues to teach me; I am forever grateful.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Celebrating Naughty

She is oh so beautiful, smart, classy, cleaver, funny…just the most wonderful person.  She’s thoughtful, ambitious, every word to describe pure FABULOUS.  She’s my forever best friend, sister I didn’t have, and the person I love to spend time with the most.  My love has grown for her over many years and I’m so thankful to have her in my life.  She’s been there for me through EVERYTHING, been a shoulder to cry on and been the good kick in the butt when I needed it.  Our friendship means more than everything to me…I love my Rachael Holt.  And today of all days is the best of the best…her birthday!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Naughty:) 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Upcoming...My baby is turning one

Planning a baby’s first birthday…now-a-days…is like planning a mini wedding reception.  I know it’s all in what you make it but unfortunately, I’m Callie and want it to be grand.  I’ve spent countless hours planning, preparing, spent too much money, all for my little Mr. Man to not remember. I am well aware of this but the pictures will last forever (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  A few weeks ago I had one of my photographers take some family photos as well as a cake smash section.  My picky, picky with food textures, child had to have a run through.  My fear was that “day of party”, he would touch his cake (when many onlookers awaiting a funny smash session and sugar high) cringe and cry over the odd texture of his birthday cake.  *he does this all the time when introduced to a new food haha.  The photo shoot went great and at least I will have photos if the real birthday cake smash is a bust!  My sweet mom has made a one of kind table cloth, I’ve painted picture frames, had special photos printed, made pennants, bought birthday outfits (yes that’s plural because I had to have a new one too:)), made cakes, ordered cupcakes and flowers, created centerpieces, etc.  And my “still” to-do list is just as long…I actually have four checklists going as we speak.  

I’m only doing this because I’m insane and Crew deserves the very best I can give him:) All this fuss over his first birthday…and the tears start to fall.  I Can. Not. Get. Over. that my baby is going to be one.  It’s definitely wonderful experiencing all the stages/milestones with newborns, then infants and then toddlers but I’m just not ready for him to not be a baby anymore.  He’s my first and for that reason will always hold a special place in my heart.  He is absolutely perfect.  My husband and I are reminded daily of how lucky we are to have Crew.  So happy early birthday to my sweet baby boy.   Here are a few sneak peeks (lovely Pinterest design ideas) for his first birthday party!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Water Bottle Trick

My close friends will totally know what I am about to explain but others may doubt my words.  I am the queen of stretching…clothes that isJ  Since the holidays are here, candy and sweets are abundant, I could think of no better time to share my clothing stretching secrets.  For as long as I can remember I have HATED anything tight on my waist.  I can remember unbuttoning my pants as a kid after a big meal, not wearing jeans for over a year in middle school because all of them pressed to tight on my belly, and the countless arguments with various cheerleading coaches as I would order XL bloomers or huge sized uniforms and have them altered so the waist band wouldn’t squeeze.  Needless to say, I created a way to add an inch or two.  I began using a water bottle to wet the waist band of my pants, skirts, etc.  Once wet (and it’s obvious…I’m not claiming to be a genius)  the material would stretch/give once pulled.  A huge discovery in my life…haha…my friends can attest to this too.  I could now wear everything comfortably and even fit into items I have previously grown out of.  Well the water bottle trick, as I call it, evolved over the years.  I now use it on sweaters that shrunk in the wash, shirts that are tight in the arm pits, and even pants that are too short.  My husband didn’t believe me and after he accused me of ruining his jeans that were placed in the dryer, he dropped the argument.  Two minutes later and a water bottle, I had his jeans back to fitting over his shoes perfectly!  (The trick to lengthen pants is to generously spray the pant legs from knee down, stand on the bottom hem and pull upwards.  I’ve gotten over an inch extra length before.  You might think I’m crazy…but this works!  *Note, the water bottle trick on waist bands can seriously eliminate the “muffin top” phenomenon. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Bring on the PINK…bows, glitter, dresses, ballet flats…we are having a GIRL!!!  Hearing those words…it’s a girl…were some of the most exciting I’ve ever heard.  My heart just melted; and melted even more at the expression on Jarret’s face when I told him.  My mind is just racing with all the different things I will share with a girl and all the new experiences.  It’s also bittersweet that I will share my heart…that’s Crew right now…again. I am ready, this is what I wanted.  I just can’t believe my prayers and wishes came true…I get to raise both a boy and a girl.  

1st onezie, given to Jarret to reveal the exciting news! (Jarret couldn't make my appointment)

My love for shopping will just grow (pray for Jarret), my little girl will have the biggest bow collection on the block (I’m not going to continue with this:)…but most importantly I will get to experience what my mom and I have…a mother daughter relationship that keeps me breathing every day.  She’s my rock, my advisor, my best friend, the one I turn to when I am happy or sad or afraid, the one I would NEVER not ask an opinion of with any big purchase, that’s including clothing:). I will too be able to experience some of the most precious moments a mother shares with her daughter….walking her down the aisle, being in the delivery room when she gives birth to her first child...I will stop so I may quit crying.  I feel blessed among all belief to have my sweet Crew, Jarret and a healthy baby girl on the way!   

Many things have happened in the past few days, both good and bad, and I am just thankful to be here on this earth enjoying experiencing everything life throws.   Carrying on the tradition of “thankful” November my days are as follows: Day 16-  a healthy Crew and healthy baby on the way

Day 17-  the ability to spend Thanksgiving with my family…and a long weekend with my momma.
Day 18-  my friends…who love me for Callie and who are happy when I’m happy (those are REAL friends)
Day 19-  the “never gets old” Home Alone soundtrack that I’ve been listening to already
Day 20-  the extra money I save each month, and am able to save, so a wonderful lady can help me keep my house EXTREMLY clean
Day 21-  my job and my husband’s job

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful for my better half

I am dedicating days 11-15 of "thankful" November to my husband. I am always thankful of Jarret and that God brought him to me, but as I hear bad relationship stories from friends, coworkers or hear about pathetic fathers on the news, my appreciation for him grows. Instead of writing a long narrative on why I love Jarret, I figured I’d make a list to go along with the days!

Day 11- I am thankful that my husband of 3+ years still calls, texts and emails me every day.

Day 12- I am thankful that he continues to make me happy and that I get happier each day spent with him as my partner.

Day 13- I am thankful that we both share the same love for animals and that our new puppy shares the bed with us.

Day 14- I am thankful that he notices what I wear, how my hair looks, and comments of my figure (growing figure now that is).

Day 15- I am thankful that I get to spend every day with the most wonderful person and father to our little man. He is honest, motivated, extremely beautiful, and all mine:)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy and Healthy

So my last post was somewhat misleading.  Even for myself.  As we were thinking our little man was getting better, I was thanking the world for the wonderful things in our life.  That next morning Crew was still running a fever and I just knew something else was going on.  We had been told for a week...two ER visits and a doctor visit that he just had a nasty virus...viral...and we just had to let it take its course.  I took Crew back to his pediatrician that day and by 12 noon he was admitted to the hospital.  Long story short, 2 blown veins, 24/7 oxygen, IV antibiotics and 4 days later he was finally showing some improvement.  That "viral" virus was actually bacterial pneumonia...sick, sick baby.
The hospital ham:)  last day and starting to feel better.

Now that we are back home, sleeping in our own beds; my life has finally calmed down.  Being thankful brings new meanings everyday...and with every new experience.  My "thankful" days of November continue:

-Hugging Jonesy

5.  The returning smile of Crew
6.  My ice maker
7.  Patience (that I have been taught by becoming a mother)
8.  Jonesy, the new puppy
9.  Burger King's frozen coke
10.  Wonderful neighbors

                                                                                                                                     he's back:)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We've been sick :(

Today is the eighth day of sick baby...really sick baby.  And I feel as if I've been out of touch with the world.  With myself being sick too...let's say this hasn't been the best week of my life.  This pregnancy is kicking my butt.  Morning all day sickness is still in full swing (with Crew it only lasted till around week 10-11) and I could literally sleep 24/7.  Crew has had a virus...not "waiting for it to take its course" has been hard.  This is the sickest he has ever been and also the first time I or Jarret have been able to hold the wiggle worm longer than a few seconds (that I am not complaining about!)  We missed so many special events during the sickness...The Western vs. App Game (the most anticipated WCU football game of the season), Halloween (my first with a little one to dress up), and the many funny faces of Crew.  But hearing the return of giggles and slapping hands and feet on the floor tonight made me forget the missed adventures.  As I have been sick and taking care of a sick one, I've also neglected "my time".  Keeping up with the laundry was a HUGE task, trying to keep everything washed in hopes of killing the germs was exhausting...I contemplated telling Jarret to turn his underwear inside out so I would not have to see one more piece of dirties...hah. "My time" is usually spent googling..hah, crafting, cleaning, snooping on Facebook and pinning on Pinterest.  So yesterday I logged on to Facebook for the first time in days, I had to play catch up on my favorite people.  I also noticed the "November, I am thankful for...." SOOO mad I didn't think of this...sooo mad that I am several days late.  I have decided, especially after this week, to jump on the band wagon, and share the MANY things I am thankful for.

1.  Crew
2.  Ugg Boots
3.  The feeling I get when Jarret calls my name
4.  My cell phone so I may talk to my Momma whenever and however long I choose too!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pregnant with a clothing obsession

When I was pregnant with Crew I was in a constant state of frustration when it came to maternity shopping!  It took me several months and of course by the time he arrived, I had a handle on “the goods” and where to find the best items.  Since then, I have been asked numerous times where I shopped, even made lists for friends, so today I decided to share with everyone!

Isabella Oliver (online and magazine)  pricey but wonderful for one piece wonders…i.e. the perfect dress, jacket, etc.  Their catalog has great outfits ideas as well. 

one of my favorite looks!

ASOS Maternity (online) a UK department store with great prices and fast shipping.  I actually discovered ASOS a few years back when looking for a oversized clutch.  The style hadn’t hit the states yet and ASOS had tons.  For maternity, its great…has various styles, many options and its high fashion.  Work and play!  Advice…order a size or two bigger!
Eeek!!  ...a maternity puffer!

High fashion, high waisted for the belly!

Pea in the Pod (website and can be found at Nordstrom’s, Destination Maternity and some Motherhood Maternity stores) Love this brand!  Carries tons of basics, nicely made and washes well.

Gap Maternity (online and in select stores) My maternity “work” clothes haven!  Was able to stock up on nice work pants, etc.  Not my favorite for tops though.  Usually has good sales.

love that you can still wear colored cords while sporting the belly!

JCrew  You might be in disbelief but I found TONS of things to wear from Jcrew when I was pregnant.  In fact, I got two cocktail dresses from there.  Many of their tops are long (long enough to fit over the belly) and come in figure flattering patterns.  Also, many of their dresses are empire waisted which was perfect for the belly!!

Best advice…dress to fit!  I found the tighter, more fitting, clothing items always looked the best.  Even though you feel HUGE while pregnant, dressing “oversized” just makes you look…well oversized.  Accessorize with the latest season trends…scarfs, handbags, jewelry, etc.  Embrace this time in your life…dress up, take photos, go all out. There are some women who never get to experience it…so enjoy it!  I remember seeing cutest pregnant lady last fall…Hair curled, make up on, tight black legging and high heels!!!  I honestly believe there’s nothing more beautiful! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

New season and new wish list!

With every changing season, I find myself wanting new everything...clothes and accessories I mean!!  Since it's friday, i'm off work, and finding it hard not to online shop, I decided to share some of my favorite fall/winter must haves!!

I'm calling this one...the new feminine puffer!  Got. to. have. (Jcrew)

Love this...just got it in the mail!!  Perfect light weight, festive sweater.  (

If my budget allows...I will have these Frye (Dorado) boots!

One of my favorite fall scarfs.  Found on Pinterest..*found some similar on Esty too!!

Leather skinnies!!!  Oh my...have to have these too.  (Pinterest)
The latest Marcie bag by Chloe in coral.  Asking Santa for this and if my husband reads this, he will roll his eyes:)

You can always use a new pea coat right??  (Jcrew)

sweet, snowy gloves.  (anthropologie)

Of course I have must have for Crew too!!  Hopefully these will be his first walking shoes:)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Typie, Google Fingers

As my dependence on Google grows daily, I’m left thinking “What will I tell my children when they ask a question I am unable to answer?” Will I tell them to Google it??…because if I’m being honest, that’s exactly what I do when I don’t know something. I’ve been perusing this idea this for a while now. Or, will I tell them “Mommy is thinking really hard” and then sneak off and Goggle it myself??

I am not embarrassed to say that I Google everything. Hell, I have every bit of knowledge at my finger tips. I don’t feel stupid; I am much smarter because of it. If I am stumped at work with a Photoshop/Indesign problem, I google it and I find the answer. If I can’t remember the words to a children’s song I am trying to teach my son Crew, I google and find the answer. When my best friend’s car broke down, I googled what was going on, we figured out the problem and was able to fix it! Anything I want to know can be found.

I’ve actually become addicted to googling… especially since I’ve had a child and the million things I had no clue about! It’s amazing what you can find. Just last week, my husband Jarret and I, were watching 19 Kids and Counting. Every time I watch the show I wonder if Michelle, the mom, breastfeeds her children since there’s no topic discussion on it ever. I’m thinking…there’s no way she could…no way she could and have children that close together. Well, I googled it. She does, and has with every child for at least a couple of months. Funny, it was eating at me that much, but how neat that I was able to just type in a few pertaining words in Google and find my answer! I’m sure I’m preaching to a choir that does this…but when you really think about it…its pretty freaking cool.

My dependence on all the Google products is growing…my life would be totally turned upside down without gmail, google maps, google analytics, blogger; I could go on and on. 

I figured I would share my latest obsession:)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Unfortunately I discovered Giggle. A FABULOUS, modern, everything I would want for a baby/growing child, website. I say unfortunately, because it's pricey and there are now TONS of things I think I "have" to have. Why didn't I know about this before?? Why didn't anyone share the goods?? The whole baby store has been a touchy situation with me since I was pregnant with Crew. I refused to register after having a horrible experience at my first baby store outing. I later found BuyBuyBaby which offered more of the styles I wanted. My biggest peeve with all the baby items was that so many, if not all of them, were either pale pink or light blue…gender extreme, or gross bulky plastic contraptions that I fretted having all over my little, organized house.  Although I did stick my foot in my mouth with some when Crew arrived, the pleasantly aesthetics of some things vs. the "stop crying" qualities of others won the battle.
Giggle is much like the other baby everything hot spots like Babies R Us and BuyBuyBaby but it's the latest, most streamline items I've seen. Diaper pals that are painted metal, clothing with little to no verbiage, organic linens, wooden and cloth toys, neutral colors, the list goes on. can even register there!! 
There is also a special section (blog) entitled Giggle Gab with TONS of “in the know” info for parents. Keeping a healthy home, raising a child in the city (which definitely does not apply to me but was fun to read), baby style, nursing know how’s, etc.. I could go through all the fun finds, or the "must haves" that are now on my wish list but I'll let you discover this for yourself. I actually squealed when I found it! B.E.W.A.R.E. My husband is in trouble, Crew, my bank account...and the new baby too:)

Friday, October 12, 2012

10 months of total attachment…literally!

I have almost made it to the 1 year mark breastfeeding my son.  I have successfully managed to make it this far ONLY with patience and real willpower.  From the moment I found out I was pregnant until now, I have been bound and determined to nurse Crew for at least a year.  It definitely hasn’t been the smoothest or straightest road or a road without potholes.  BUT, it has been and will continue to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a new mother and one I have seriously become attached to. Looking down at my sweet baby, nursing him, is a memory that I will hold close to my heart forever. 

Over the past year I have loved sharing my stories and hearing stories from other moms about their experience with breastfeeding.  Not only does it help get through the rough spots; it’s a common bond you now have with that person.   Saying that…I thought I would share some of mine. 

Breastfeeding:  It’s a journey…ever changing….ever growing.  The first few weeks were rough; engorgement being my number #1 thorn. And then after I accepted that my life revolved around two hour increments; I got the hang of things.  By month two, breastfeeding was a breeze.  I could nurse on demand anywhere I was.  I could pop my cover over my head and feed or pacify my crying baby (#2 reason you should always stops the crying!).   You might laugh or relate to this…I sometimes giggled at myself..but I nursed everywhere.  Ball games, restaurants, in the car, shopping, while taking a walk, the list goes on.   By month six, breastfeeding was once again hard.  Trying to feed a curious, wiggle worm in public (still under a cover) is almost impossible.  Let’s just say that a handful of people got a peek!  Also by this time, Crew had 4 teeth and definitely knew how to use them:(  By month 9, breastfeeding became a true challenge. To get a successful nursing session out of Crew the following scenario must take place: low/dim lit room, no noise, no talking, no texting, no googling…you get my point.  I now try to pack in most of Crew’s feedings late night, early morning and this has been the trick!

Pumping:  One of the funnier activities I have done in my life (if you think about is funny…and funny looking) and as with breastfeeding, I have pumped everywhere!  Bathrooms, friend’s house, in my car…in my car while driving, alone, with company, and even on the beach!!  I might have been embarrassed in the beginning but as time wore on I began to view it as my second job.  Whether to relieve engorgement or supply Crew with milk for daycare, it was just something I had to do.   Ten months in, I am not “over” breastfeeding but I can now say I am “over” pumping. 

Pregnant and Nursing:  I figured I would throw this one in here since I’ve already had tons of comments…and a few critics.  I am still nursing and will still nurse until I can’t anymore.  According to my doctor there is no reason why I can’t continue.  My milk supply has gone down but not enough to affect Crew’s recommended intake.  Although it has become uncomfortable, with a growing belly and sore boobs, the negatives do not out way the positives. 

There are many rough patches.  It’s a personal choice, not for everyone.  It is one that I am lucky to have experienced.  You might finish reading this and think, man, that’s hard work or there’s no way it is worth it.  I say… there’s no other way I would do it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's in a name?

For years now, I have prided myself on keeping it (it = life) together. Yet, in almost every situation there is one thing dragging, missing, or muddled. That one thing doesn’t make or break it…just keeps me (annoyed) striving for perfection. It also makes me…me; who I am and who I’ve become. My friends and family know me as the girl who never stops, is always into some new project, and is always on the go. From the outside it looks as if everything is in line perfectly; everything has its place. I’m here to tell the truth…its not! And that’s just life. I am blessed in so MANY ways; I think its ok to let the small things slide. I have been this way for as long as I remember, so there wasn’t a better name or title to give my blog. It describes my life, my thoughts and daily happenings. Here are just a few examples…

1. My house is impeccably clean. You could eat off floor. But if you look out the back door you will notice my yard hasn't been mowed in weeks.

2. Every work day, I'm dressed to impress, hair poofed in perfection, multiple bags stocked with every item Crew would need for the day, my breakfast and lunch in tow...and yet every day, I'm 5 minutes late and there is some type of baby fluid on me...spit up/snot, etc.

3. On my days off, I typically eat lunch at McDonald's where my FAVORITE FOOD in the entire world is made, double cheeseburgers. I sit and eat, drinking a coke and using an unlimited amount of ketchup packets. I’m eating some of the worst food you can put in your body. I do this while feeding Crew organic baby food, organic juice and organic puffs. (at least I'm trying to do right with him:))

4. At work I'm known for my multitasking skills and "never forget anything" mind. In my personal life, I continually to forget family and friends birthdays.

5. I love to write. Its one of my favorite pastimes as well as part of my profession. I spend hours of expressing myself through words; putting my whole self in….and almost every time, there is one typo.

6. My knowledge of football and player trivia would make anyone proud. Although, I had no clue Giant Fans called them G Men.

I’m an owning this…..I am a fresh mess!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

News of #2

With much excitement, I share with the world....I get to be a mommy of two!!! Jarret, my husband, and I are both just tickled pink...or blue...we don't know yet!  Soon after the birth of my first, Crew, I knew what I was put on this earth to do.  I realized the joy of babies, the precious sight of baby feet, hands (well baby everything), all the blessings that come with having one of your own.  Never being around children, never baby sitting, I was completely blindsided with caring for a baby but I learned quick...and then quickly learned what the baby "buzz", baby "hype" was all about.  It's the COOLEST thing I have EVER experienced.

Which is why....I was ready to have number two!  I'm sure it will be hard with them being so close together...I'm sure there will be days I will want to pull my hair out...but this will all be worth it.  With each smile, touch, milestone, I am constantly reminded that the best job in world is being a mommy!

We decided to let Crew help spread the news too!!  Baby #2 is due in April 2013.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I love, loved so hard.

My heart has never been this heavy…this broken. I lost my most favorite thing in the world, my chocolate lab. Riley was my first personal experience with unconditional love, 100% responsibility, and true reflection of self. From the moment I picked her out when she was only 6 weeks old until yesterday, she has been by my side. We have moved together, traveled together, swam, jumped off cliffs, tailgated, walked, shared every kind of food there is, jumped on a trampoline, cried, healed, fallen in love, gotten married, and shared the love of my first “human” child. The last nine years of my life have been so special…much of that due to the joy Riley brought. Unless you share the love of animals as I do, its hard to understand the emotions and heartbreak that comes with losing a pet. Riley was my pet but more so the love of my life…the only thing that was ONLY mine, all mine. I will cry for years but I will cherish every memory I have of her. When I was pregnant with my son Crew, I prayed almost every day that Riley would live long enough for him to know her. Know the love I shared with her. At nine months old, Crew will not remember her, but I will show him to many photos of them together as he grows up. I will love Riley until the day I die.
A few weeks ago, Riley began having trouble breathing as I always do, I panicked, and rushed her to the emergency vet. An x-ray and blood worked showed her had cancer, very progressed, and was given 24 hrs to live. Devastated, I decided to bring her home with me and spend the next few hours holding her in my arms and in the comfort of her home. The next week and a half she had good days and bad days….but never stopped eating the “good” food…i.e. double cheeseburgers, pepperoni, cheese, etc….wagging her tail or following me wherever I went. The night before last her breathing worsened. We knew it was time. Riley passed on the way to the vet….just closed her eyes and feel asleep. God’s blessing that she went peaceful.

Monday, October 1, 2012

hello today!

A handful of years ago, I began keeping a timeline/diary of my more memorable experiences hoping one day I would find the time to collect and share.  Going back to my freshman year at Western to my now, my ever changing life as a momma, I have and will have many events, stories and observations to goes!!

Today's moment...Finding craft supplies in Franklin, NC (well anywhere west of Asheville) is like herding cats, it's impossible.  If I only had a Michael's/Hobby Lobby, my favorite time of the year's decorating projects would be complete by now.  Nothing is close by, the only stores in town - Walmart, Kmart - do not carry what I need, I have been forced to use my modern easy botton of "Amazon".  So, once shipped and arrived...fall can begin, Halloween music will be heard and my mums will bloom of purple and gold:)

It's hard for me to imagine that I ended up in Franklin, NC.  The many, many flaws of a small town...far way for anything...I do find myself enjoying the rural mountains.  I love that I never get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, I know every one of my neighbors and their pets by name, Western - my first home away from home - is just 25 min. away, I feel safe, the list goes on.  Saying this...I miss my mom, I long to hop in the car and drive to 15 min. to Target and to NEVER EVER drive a 20+ mile winding, curvy road out of town again.  Loving your life comes in parts, sections and soon to be's....I love my life...what it is, what it will be.